Who is Meredith Hopkins

Who is Meredith Hopkins

Meredith is a violin/fiddle and viola teacher at the JSO Community Music School. She also teaches first and second year string teams at Northwest Elementary School.

Career Highlight

Meredith has had many “highlights” in her career but her most memorable event was playing at the White House Christmas party if 2006. She has performed in the US, Canada and Scotland. In 2018 she won the title of National Scottish Fiddle Champion. Meredith went to Baldwin Wallace University and earned her Bachelors in Violin Performance. She went on to earn her Masters in Traditional Scottish Music at the Royal Conservatory of Scotland in Glasgow.

The Violin

According to Meredith, violins are known as the divas of the orchestra! There are usually two sections of violins in a symphony and their job is to sound like one big violin. There’s a myth that violin strings used to be made out of catgut …this is FALSE! Actually cat intestines are too fragile to use and couldn’t withstand the tension on the violin. Sheep gut was actually used many years ago and you can still buy those strings today. Over the years, violins have been called the “Devil’s Box” because you could make creepy/evil sounding music, which is what the Devil liked most. The violin has also been referenced as the closest instrument to imitate a human voice.

Personal Tidbits

When Meredith isn’t playing or teaching she loves to do crafts or drawings in her sketchbook. She is a huge Halloween fan and volunteered as an actor at a haunted house for several years. Meredith’s husband is a professional trumpet player and they have two cats named Maestro and Aria.

Meredith is currently accepting new students. If you are interested in learning more about private lessons please call us at 517-782-3221 or click here for private lesson information on our website.