Who is Kyndra Sisayaket

Who is Kyndra Sisayaket

Kyndra is the horn instructor for the Jackson Community Music School and Flint School of Performing Arts in Flint. She is also a freelance musician with many orchestras including the JSO, Traverse City, Lansing, Flint and Midland orchestras. She is currently finishing her Doctor of Musical Arts degree at Michigan State University in horn performance. Kyndra expects to finish her degree by May 2020! #GoGreen

Career highlight

When Kyndra attended the Kent/Blossom Music Festival in 2017, she was able to play on stage with the Cleveland Orchestra and do a side-by-side concert. They played Dvorak’s New World Symphony, and she sat next to the principal horn. During the rehearsal, he turned to her and said she was playing all the solos during that rehearsal! Kyndra was really nervous, but did a great job in front of the orchestra!

Tell us about your instrument

The horn is one instrument in the brass family. When most people think of the horn’s sound, they first think about movie music. Most people who hear the sound don’t realize they are listening to a horn! The sound of the horn makes the instrument so great. With the instrument, you get to play beautiful melodies along with heroic calls. People say that horn is one of the most difficult instruments to play, but Kyndra always finds the challenge fun. The horn also looks great in photos!

Personal tidbits

Kyndra has a very special connection to Jackson and the Jackson Symphony Orchestra. Surprisingly enough, Matthew Aubin, the Music Director was her first horn teacher! She attended Washington State University for her undergraduate degree, and Matt was the horn teacher and orchestra conductor. It’s funny how they both ended up in the same area. Recently, they were able to play a concert together for the Lansing Symphony Orchestra.

Upcoming performances

Kyndra has a few upcoming performances in November and December! On November 10, she is performing with the Jackson Youth Symphony Orchestra. For you horn players in the Jackson area, this is a great opportunity to play in an orchestra. On November 21, she is playing a concert with the MSU Wind Symphony. In December, she has a few holiday concerts with the Traverse, Midland, and Lansing Symphony Orchestras, so it’s a busy month with lots of holiday tunes!

For students of all ages and abilities, Kyndra offer lessons and ensemble coachings. Solo & Ensemble is right around the corner, so it wouldn’t be a bad idea to start taking lessons! For more information about lessons with Kyndra please call us at 517-782-3221 or click here.